The Benefits of Web Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are one of the most popular ways to get links for your website. There are thousands of web directories available and getting your website listed in all of them can take months or even years. So if you have lots of money to invest but you are not getting good return on investment from it, you may consider directory submission. The reason that directory submissions are such a good SEO technique is that there is no way that you can be detected by search engines using directory listings alone.

There are three kinds of directory submissions that are listed below: Free Web Directory Submission: This is known as featured web listing. In this kind, the owner of that directory site will usually charge you for submission but your link will usually be accepted within seconds or within a day. If you have a regular flow of traffic to your website, then this can be a good option as it can help to bring a lot of new visitors to your site on a daily basis. There is also a possibility that you can be charged a few dollars per month if you want your directory link to be used by a number of people who are paying for the feature.

Directory Submission – Paid Service: Here, you pay for directory links only when they are used. However, even though you will be charged for directory submissions, it does help improve your ranking. There are many websites penalized by search engines due to directory links. For instance, some of these websites penalized are those which have spammy links. When you have a good link with an important directory, you will increase your ranking chances. This is why directory submissions are so popular these days.

Getting your website listed in a large number of free directories is one of the most important things that you can do in order to get listed in Google’s best ranking results. However, even after getting your website listed in Google’s best and leading search results, you might still need to pay for directory submissions. As mentioned earlier, there are many free directories which have been known to contain spam links. So if you have to get directory submissions from these directories, make sure that the websites have not been penalized by Google and have a high page rank.

The main reason for directory submissions is to improve your page ranking in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Once your website is seen on these search engines by being found in a number of popular websites, you will certainly be noticed by a large number of internet users who use the search engines. In this way, you will have a greater chance of getting more traffic for your website. As a result, you will surely be able to earn more profits from your online business.

In addition to that, web directories are often used by web developers to place their website links because the content of the web directories is very informative and interesting. In fact, most of these sites are maintained manually, which makes them all the more beneficial to those websites. Another reason why webmasters choose to submit their sites to web directory listings is because these sites do not contain any pornographic contents. This makes it harder for spam websites to survive in these websites.