Why Some SEO Myths Are True?

SEO MYths: Too Many “algorithms”. This is probably one of the biggest myths about SEO that most hear from consumers. They want a magic method to increase website visibility in Google and somewhere deep down they hear that SEO is the only answer. The reality is, actually, that it’s a great way to boost website visibility, but it tends to take a while. And even if you do get approved, there are many other factors that will come into play. So really, if you’re looking to start a business in SEO, avoid these three SEO Myths!

SEO Myth: Keyword stuffing. If there were only one SEO myth, it would be this one. The problem is that keyword stuffing, or stuffing your keywords in as many places as you can, is against search engine guidelines and very frowned upon by users. So here’s why it’s not a good idea: Keyword stuffing doesn’t help your website rank better in Google; it just makes it look like you’re desperate!

SEO Myth: No Digital Marketing. Digital marketing and SEO are completely different things. The problem is that most people believe this myth because they have no idea what digital marketing actually is! Also, this myth gets thrown around a lot, so it has a high chance of being true.

SEO Myth: Search Engines Are Pushing Bad SEO. This is actually another one of those “I know it so well, you don’t” type of things. Search engines do, indeed, favour sites with quality content, fresh content and great page titles. But the thing to remember is that they don’t have a metric to follow to determine a site’s “quality.” That’s where Pagerank Rank comes into play!

The SEO Myths That Are True: 1) Organic SEO + off-page signals = super-charged SEO. The truth is that while organic SEO gives you a boost in the SERPs, Pagerank Rank only applies to some of the aspects of SEO. Pagerank Rank isn’t the be-all and end-all of search engine optimization. A company with a high Pagerank won’t necessarily rank better in Google – they might just rank higher due to their more popular links. But having a high Pagerank will give your site a more professional and well-received reputation on the web.

The SEO Myths That Is False: 2) Organic rankings last forever. Once you get your rankings up, forget about them. They start going down the drain after a while. One of the main reasons that SEOs lose their rankings is due to outdated links. If you have great content but poor links, the search engines will see this as spam and your rankings will drop. Even when you have great inbound links from high PR sites, the search engines still see them as suspicious.

The SEO Myths That Are True: 3) Title Tags + Meta Description + Meta Keywords = Super-charged SEO. While it might not look like anything, the truth is that your meta description, title tag and keywords are all important parts of search engine optimization. Your website’s title tag is what appears in Google when someone searches for your niche and is what you should be optimizing for. Your meta description is the description that people will read first, and its purpose is to introduce your keywords.

SEO Myths isn’t just harmless jokes from frustrated SEOs. The myth that they are is a complete misconception of what SEO actually does. While it may seem like link building is all they do, they actually make use of other techniques such as keyword research, image and video optimization, directory submissions and more. Keyword research is vital since it lets the search engines know which keywords your pages are optimized for. But the main point is that keyword research is only one of many factors taken into account by the search engines, so in reality, SEO isn’t link building.